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Holidays, Leaves & Vacations

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Academic year staff observe those holidays and other breaks built into the academic calendar. Calendar year and college year professional staff observe those legal holidays identified by the Board of Trustees which fall within their work year. The college observes:

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Holidays 2015
January   1 New Year's Day
January 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 12 Lincoln's Birthday*
February    16 Washington's Birthday (Observed)
May  25 Memorial Day
July    4 Independence Day **
September   7 Labor Day
October  12 Columbus Day
November    3 Election Day*
November 11 Veteran's Day
November   26 Thanksgiving Day
December   25 Christmas Day
*The State has designated Lincoln's Birthday and Election Day as Floating Holidays.

**  Since the holiday falls on a Saturday a compensatory holiday is earned

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Holidays 2016.

January 1                                 New Year's Day 

January 18                               Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 12                              Lincoln's Birthday (*)

February 15                              Washington's Birthday (Observed) 

May 30                                      Memorial Day

July 4                                        Independence Day 

September 5                             Labor Day

October 10                                Columbus Day

November 8                              Election Day 

November 11                            Veterans' Day 

November 24                            Thanksgiving Day

December 25                             Christmas Day (Sunday)

December 26                             Christmas Day (Monday - Observed**)

(*) The State has designated Lincoln's Birthday as a floating holiday in 2016 for State employees in certain bargaining units.

For employees in the Security Services, Security Supervisors, Agency Police Services, State Police Troopers, State Police Commissioned and Noncommissioned Officers, and State Police Investigators negotiating units, Lincoln's Birthday (February 12, 2016) and Election Day (November 8, 2016),  are not designated floating holidays.

(**) Under the Attendance Rules when a holiday falls on a Sunday it is observed on the following Monday.


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Leaves of Absence

Sabbatical Leave - Academic employees and certain administrative officers, with at least six (6) years of consecutive College employment, or those who have completed at least six (6) years of service since their last sabbatical leave, are eligible for sabbatical leave.

The objective of sabbatical leave is to increase your value to the College through planned travel, study, formal education, research, writing, and/or other experience of professional value.

The President may grant a sabbatical leave for one (1) year at half basic salary, or for six months at full basic salary. Eligible employees on sabbatical leave may, with prior approval, accept fellowships, grants-in-aid, or earned income. In such cases, the sabbatical leave salary may be adjusted to reflect such income; however, in no case shall the sabbatical leave salary be reduced if the total anticipated earnings are less than an employee's full basic salary. You do not earn vacation or sick leave credits while on sabbatical leave. You must agree in writing to serve a minimum of one year upon return, and you must submit a report of professional activities and accomplishments while on sabbatical leave.

Jury Attendance Leave - Whenever an employee is required to serve on a jury or is subpoenaed or otherwise ordered to be a witness in court, he/she is entitled to leave with pay without charge to leave credits, providing they are not a party to the court action. A copy of the jury summons or other court document should be submitted with the monthly attendance report.

Other Leaves for Faculty & Professional Staff - The President may recommend to the Chancellor other leaves of absence for employees at full salary or reduced salary, or may grant employees leaves of absence without salary. Consistent with the Policies of the Board of Trustees, a Title F leave may be granted "for the purpose of professional development, acceptance of assignments of limited duration with other universities and colleges, government agencies, foreign nations, private foundations, corporations and similar agencies, as a faculty member, expert, consultant or in a similar capacity, or for other appropriate purposes consistent with the needs and interests of the University." Leaves of absence at full or reduced salary shall be subject to the approval of the Chancellor. Vacation and sick leave credits shall not be accrued or used during a period of leave. 

Other Leaves of Absence - Leaves of absence, with or without pay, may be available to all employees for sufficient cause, such as ordered military duty, family medical care or as may be prescribed by law. Each case is considered on its individual merits.  Further information is available from the Human Resources Office.

Sick Leave
An employee may request sick leave when they are unable to perform their duties because of temporary mental or physical disability. Sick Leave may also be used for medical or dental appointments. A maximum of thirty (30) days per year may be requested for illness or death in the immediate family. Immediate family includes any relative or relative-in-law, or any persons with whom an employee makes his/her home.

All full-time faculty and professional staff employees earn sick leave credits in accordance with the graduated scale noted below:

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Sick Leave Accrual Schedule for Full-time Faculty & Professional Employees

  Calendar Year Academic Year
Years of Service Days/Month Yearly Total Days/Month Yearly Total
1st Year 1 1/4 15 1 1/4 11 1/4
2nd Year 1 1/3 16 1 1/3 12
3rd, 4th & 5th Years 1 1/2 18 1 1/2 13 1/2
6th Year 1 2/3 20 1 2/3 15
7th & Subsequent Years 1 3/4 21 1 3/4 15 3/4

Leave Donation Program
Any state employee who earns vacation credits may donate their vacation leave credits to another state employee who has exhausted their sick leave accumulation. The intent of this program is to provide a means to assist employees who, because of long-term personal illness, have exhausted their leave benefits and would otherwise be subject to a severe loss of income during a continuing absence from work. Further information about the program is available from the Human Resources Office.

Family Medical Leave Act
The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows employees up to twelve (12) weeks job-protected leave for certain family and medical reasons. Employees are eligible if they:

Leave may be requested under the Family Medical Leave Act for the following reasons:

FMLA Military Family Leave Entitlements allows an eligible employee who is a spouse, son, daughter, parent or next of kin of current member of the Armed Forces, including a member of the National Guard or Reserves, with a serious injury or illness up to a total of 26 work weeks of unpaid leave during a "single 12-month period" to care for a service member.

An employee is required  to provide at least thirty (30) days advance notice and medical documentation for foreseeable leave including planned medical treatment for a serious injury or illness of a covered service member unless not practical.

If you have any questions, please contact Grace Bonnell, Benefits Manager at (914) 251-6091.

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Employees are encouraged to take periodic vacations in order to spend time with their families, simply relax or enjoy special activities. We believe that time wisely spent away from work can help to refresh us and make us even more productive on the job. In order to insure appropriate staffing levels, prior approval of vacation leave is required. A full-time employee may accumulate a maximum of 40 days vacation and may receive pay for a maximum of 30 days unused vacation upon separation from state service.

Full-Time Professional Employees
Full-time calendar year and college year employees in the United University Professions (UUP) bargaining unit earn vacation credit on a graduated scale depending upon years of employment. New employees earn 1 ¼ days a month (15 days per year) for the first year, with the monthly accrual rate increasing to a maximum of 1 ¾ days a month (21 days per year) during the 7th year of employment. In addition, one day of vacation credit is added to each individual's accruals effective January 2nd of each year. You must be in full-pay status for the major fraction of a month in order to earn vacation credits for that month.

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Vacation Leave Accrual Schedule for Full-time Professional Employees (UUP)

  Calendar Year Academic Year
Years of Service Days/Month Yearly Total Days/Month Yearly Total
1st Year 1 1/4 15 1 1/4 11 1/4
2nd Year 1 1/3 16 1 1/3 12
3rd, 4th & 5th Years 1 1/2 18 1 1/2 13 1/2
6th Year 1 2/3 20 1 2/3 15
7th & Subsequent Years 1 3/4 21 1 3/4 15 3/4

Part-Time Professional Employees 
Part-time calendar and college year employees in the United University Professions (UUP) bargaining unit earn vacation credit on the basis of their annual salary:

Annual Salary Credit Earned/Month
Up to $12,983 1/4 day
$12,984 to $19,589 1/2 day
$19,590 to $26,194 1 day
$26,195 or higher 1 1/4 day

To accrue vacation credit during each month, eligible part-time employees must be in a pay status consistent with their part-time service for such month, or major fraction thereof. A part-time employee's maximum accumulation is determined on a pro-rated basis.

Both Full and Part Time Professional Employees record vacation usage on their monthly attendance report.

Management Confidential Employees
Management Confidential employees earn 1 3/4 days vacation credit each month, regardless of years of service. An additional day of vacation credit is added to individual's accruals effective January 2nd of each year.

Management Confidential Employees record vacation usage on their montly attendance report.

Full-Time Classified Employees
Members of the classified staff earn vacation leave on an hourly basis, each pay period. Accrual rates vary with each bargaining unit, but generally consist of a graduated scale, increasing to a maximum of twenty-one (21) days of vacation per year after seven (7) years of service. Additional vacation days may be awarded in recognition of longevity.

Employees record their vacation usage on their bi-weekly attendance report.

If you have any questions please contact the HR Department at 914-251-6090, or Grace Bonnell (Benefits Administrator) at 914-251-6091.

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