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Purchase College Guest Policy

Purchase College is committed to creating a safe environment for all members of the campus community. The College welcomes the participation of guests of the campus community at most events and facilities on the campus. This policy governs the behavior of guests and the responsibility of campus hosts.

All students are responsible for the behaviors of their guests and the behaviors and activities which occur within any space which is assigned to them by the College (including, but not limited to, on-campus residence halls, apartments, guest rooms, or studios/practice rooms within academic buildings). All guests must comply with the Community Standards of Conduct. As a host, the student will be held personally responsible for any violation of College Policy committed by their guest(s), regardless of whether the guests are appropriately registered.

I. Responsibility of the Host

A. The host must register their guests in one of the following places:

  1. Overnight guests must be registered with a residence Complex Office.
  2. Non-overnight guests must be registered either as residential guests with a Residence Complex Office or as event guests with the Office of Student Life & Community Partnerships.  Please note that residential guest passes also serve as event passes.  However, event passes do not authorize you to be in the residence areas.

B. The host must escort their guest(s) at all times.

C. The host may have a maximum of three guests at one time.

D. The host must ensure that their guest(s) maintain a valid guest pass on their person and present it to any college official who requests it and is acting within their authority.

II. Use of Facilities

A. Residence Facilities: Resident students are permitted to have overnight guests, but only with the roommate(s)’ signature(s) of notification. Overnight guests may not stay more than one night per week or one weekend per month. (See also Office of Residence Life Policies and Information.) In addition, all non-residents (including commuter students) must have a guest pass in order to be present within the on-campus residence halls and apartments.

B. Non-Residential Facilities: Students are permitted to bring their guests into non-residential facilities with appropriate registration (as described above).

C. On-Campus Events: Most, but not all, on-campus events are open to guests of students. In order to be admitted to the event, the guests will need a valid guest pass to present at the door and must remain with their host.