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Student Affairs Policies

Community Standards of Conduct

I. Preamble

II. Student Rights
 A.  Self Determination   
 B.  Freedom of Speech, Press and Inquiry 
 C.  Due Process, Privacy and Protection

III. Community Standards of Conduct 
 A.  Standards Relative to Academic and Professional Integrity 
 B.  Standards Relative to Personal Identification and Representation 
 C.  Standards Relative to the Rights of Individuals 
 D.  Standards Relative to Respect for Property 
 E.  Standards Relative to the Welfare, Safety and Environmental Health of the College Community 
 F.  Standards Relative to the Operation of the College 
 G.  Related Administrative Policies and Documents  

IV. The Structure of the Discipline System
 A.  Description of Structures and Jurisdictions 
 B.  Composition of Hearing Committees/Officers 
 C.  Authority of Hearing Committees/Officers 
 D.  Selection, Eligibility and Orientation of Hearing Committee Members
 E.  Terms of Office

V. Discipline Process
 A.  Mediation
 B.  Procedures for Hearing Cases Involving  Alleged Violations of Standards of Academic and Professional Integrity 
 C.  Procedures for Hearing Cases Involving Alleged Violations of All Other Standards of Conduct 
  1. Reporting Offenses
  2. Notification of Charges of Violations of Community Standards
  3. Initial Conference
  4. Rules of Procedures for Hearings
  5. Considerations for Recipients of Physical/Sexual Aggressive/
  Violent Behavior
  6. Rights of Persons Subject to Disciplinary Hearings
  7. The Appeals Process
 D.  Records and Confidentiality of Disciplinary Actions