Environmental Health and Safety

Campus Fire Evacuation Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Question: Why is it necessary to report to a muster area after evacuating a building ? Does it really matter where we go as long as we get out of the building ?

Answer: Meeting at a designated evacuation muster area is important because it enables rescue personnel to go to a single area and account for individuals who might not have made it out of the building, thereby enabling a more targeted search and rescue operation. If someone fails to muster at their assigned area, rescue personnel might receive information that someone may be inside the building, when in fact they are outside the building at another location.

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Click on links below to view evacuation procedures for each building.

Administration Building

Alumni Village Apartments

Bookstore/Post Office (including central stores)

Business Office Annex

Butler Building

Campus Center North

Campus Center South



Facilities Management

Fort Awesome

Human Resources



Neuberger Museum


Natural Science

New Apartments (aka "Commons")

Olde Apartments

Outback Dormitory

Physical Education

Student Services Building

Social Science

Visual Arts