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Financial Aid and Scholarships

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Nonmatriculated Students

Nonmatriculated students are not eligible for federal or state aid. Financial aid eligibility requirements require students to be officially admitted and enrolled in a degree-granting program. However, if you are attending as a nonmatriculated student, you may be eligible for a lifetime learning tax credit.

Matriculated Liberal Studies Students

Matriculated students in the liberal studies degree completion program are encouraged to apply for financial aid and may be eligible for scholarships. Please refer to Financial Aid and Scholarships in the Degree Completion section for more information.

Visiting Students From Other Colleges and Universities

If you are enrolled in a degree program at another college and need financial aid to attend Purchase College as a visiting student, please consult with the financial aid office at your home institution.

United States flagVeterans Benefits

If you are eligible for veterans benefits, please call the Office of Enrollment Services at (914) 251-7000 about certification and requirements for reporting any reductions in course load. Extensive information on veterans services is available at the Office of the Registrar.

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