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The Cinema Studies BA Program

An Intensive Immersion in the Art of Film
The cinema studies major offers students an opportunity for intensive study of the art of film through a broad range of courses in history and aesthetics.

  • All students begin with yearlong introductory surveys of film and modern art, then proceed to more advanced courses that focus on a wide variety of directors, national cinemas, genres, modes (narrative, documentary, avant-garde), and critical/theoretical approaches.
  • In their senior year, students explore and extend their knowledge of cultural, historical, industrial, philosophical, and artistic perspectives on the medium in their senior project.

Interdisciplinary and Rigorous
This interdisciplinary degree program is rigorous and highly selective, with official admission to the program contingent on successful completion of Introduction to Cinema Studies I and II during the freshman year and a qualifying examination in film history and aesthetics, which is given at the end of the freshman year.

School of Film & Media Studies:
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Cinema Studies