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Library: Faculty and Administration

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Patrick F. Callahan, Director, Purchase College Library; Librarian
BA, College of William and Mary; MA, Ball State University; MLS, Indiana University.

Full-Time Faculty | Part-Time Faculty

Full-Time Library Faculty

Emily Carlin, Reference, Outreach, and Instruction Librarian (Senior Assistant Librarian)
BA, Smith College; MA, Indiana University; MA, University of Missouri.

Kimberly Detterbeck, Art Librarian (Senior Assistant Librarian)
BA, Rutgers University; MA, Syracuse University; MLIS, University of Maryland.

Darcy Gervasio, Head of Reference Services; Reference and Instruction Librarian (Senior Assistant Librarian)
BA, Oberlin College; MLIS, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Keith Landa, Director of Instructional Technology (Associate Librarian)
BS, Iowa State University; MS, University of California, San Diego; PhD, University of Michigan.

Susanne Markgren, Digital Services Librarian (Senior Assistant Librarian)
BA, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire; MLIS, University of Texas, Austin.

Carrie Marten, Resource Sharing Librarian (Associate Librarian)
BA, University of Connecticut; MA, University of Rhode Island; MLIS, Simmons College. SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship.

Rebecca Oling, Coordinator of Instruction; Literature Librarian (Associate Librarian)
BA, Purdue University; MA, Kansas State University; MLS, Kent State University.

Mark E. Smith, Head of Access Services; Performing Arts Librarian (Associate Librarian)
BA, Queens College, City University of New York; MA, University of California, Santa Barbara; MLS, University of Southern California. SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship.

Part-Time Library Faculty

Joe Swatski, Reference Librarian (Assistant Librarian)
BA, MA, Duquesne University; MLIS, Long Island University; PhD, University of Maryland, College Park.

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