Conservatory of Theatre Arts

Overview of Programs
The Conservatory of Theatre Arts offers an intensive, highly focused BFA training program in acting and both a BFA and an MFA training program in theatre design/stage technology for a limited number of students who seek to pursue professional careers in these fields. As one of four schools in the Consortium of Professional Theatre Training Programs, Purchase is one of a handful of colleges in the world capable of training artists at this level—and of drawing a faculty from the ranks of professional theatre.

In addition, the conservatory offers two BA programs. In playwriting and screenwriting, students learn how to write for both the stage and the screen in courses taught by industry professionals, with plenty of room to explore other interests. The BA program in theatre and performance is designed for students interested in exploring the history and aesthetics of world drama and performance and the possibilities of theatrical expression—as performers, directors, and playwrights—within a broader liberal arts context.

Purchase Repertory Theatre
Each year, the conservatory presents a number of seasonal productions—exciting and bold interpretations of classic and contemporary plays that bring to the stage for the first time the next generation of actors, designers, and technicians. All conservatory productions are designed and produced exclusively by students.

Gregory Taylor, PhD, Director, Conservatory of Theatre Arts

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Conservatory of Theatre Arts:


Undergraduate Majors:
Acting, BFA
Playwriting & Screenwriting, BA
Theatre Design/Technology, BFA
Theatre & Performance, BA

Undergraduate Minors:
Theatre & Performance

Graduate Majors:
Theatre Design/Technology, MFA


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