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School of Art+Design

Dept. Phone: 6750
Dept. Fax: 6793
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NamePhoneDepartmentE-mailWeb page
A+D Conference Room5908School of Art+Design
Abdale, BillSchool of Art+DesignE-mail
Audio Lab6779School of Art+Design
Baker, EricSchool of Art+DesignE-mail
Bankerd, Carol6783School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Bicher, Kristina4456School of Art+DesignE-mail
Bowen, Nancy6774School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Computer Cluster A6144School of Art+Design
Computer Cluster B6794School of Art+Design
Computer Cluster C6145School of Art+Design
D'Agostino, Paul6758School of Art+DesignE-mail
Deere, Bill6767School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Dennis, Donna6790School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Digital Design Lab6755School of Art+Design
Digital Photo Lab6158School of Art+Design
Digital Printmaking6771School of Art+Design
Due, MarciaSchool of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Ebner, Stella6791School of Art+DesignE-mail
Esser, Jon3981School of Art+DesignE-mail
Faculty & Staff Launge6756School of Art+Design
FitzGerald, Dennis4765School of Art+DesignE-mail
Foley, SarahSchool of Art+DesignE-mail
Gilman, AnneSchool of Art+Design
Gilmore, Kate6781School of Art+DesignE-mail
Gregory, StamatinaSchool of Art+Design
Hardin, Tina6752School of Art+DesignE-mail
Hartung, ThomasSchool of Art+DesignE-mail
Hooper, Cassandra6770School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Horvath, Sharon6785School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Kaczmarek, Christopher7887School of Art+DesignE-mail
Klebieko, Jerzy6799School of Art+DesignE-mail
Kreimer, Julian6773School of Art+DesignE-mail
Lam, Steven6750School of Art+DesignE-mail
Lehr, JohnSchool of Art+Design
Lehrer, Warren6788School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Lin, Cynthia6769School of Art+DesignE-mail
Listengart, Philip6775School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Livensperger, ElizabethSchool of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Lowenstein, DrewSchool of Art+DesignE-mail
Lynch, Robin7882School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Mastracchio, John6757School of Art+DesignE-mail
Mesa-Pelly, Deborah6773School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Metal Shop Office4675School of Art+Design
Michelson, AlanSchool of Art+Design
Mulligan, JamesSchool of Art+DesignE-mail
Murray, James F.6749School of Art+DesignE-mail
Nelson, Kirsten7885School of Art+DesignE-mail
Nisebaum, AlizaSchool of Art+Design
Offset6761School of Art+Design
Owens, Rachel6750School of Art+DesignE-mail
Phillips, Elizabeth6766School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Photo Lab6764School of Art+Design
Polak, Janine6753School of Art+DesignE-mail
Potter, Kristine7912School of Art+DesignE-mail
Priello, Danielle4453School of Art+DesignE-mail
Printmaking4676School of Art+Design
Robbins, Christopher7888School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Rosen, JonathonSchool of Art+Design
Sadik, RaziaSchool of Art+Design
Saltzman, Sarah6750School of Art+DesignE-mail
Samara, TimothySchool of Art+DesignE-mail
Sculpture-X Lab7916School of Art+Design
Seastone, LeonardSchool of Art+DesignE-mail
Sullender, Ralph6750School of Art+DesignE-mail
Unikewicz, Amy6750School of Art+DesignE-mail
Video Lab6766School of Art+Design
Walker, Sarah6750School of Art+DesignE-mail
Walters, Jo Ann6782School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page
Wexler, Jessica6792School of Art+DesignE-mail
Wildrick, Eric6759School of Art+DesignE-mail
Wood Shop Office6763School of Art+Design
Zimiles, Murray6780School of Art+DesignE-mailWeb Page