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School of Humanities

Dept. Phone: 6550
Dept. Fax: 6559
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NamePhoneDepartmentE-mailWeb page
Art History6550School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Breen, Virginia6558School of HumanitiesE-mail
Brudzinski, Marc6561School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Chmielewski, Laura6081School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Computer Lab6477School of Humanities
Cornachio, Donna6590School of HumanitiesE-mail
Creative Writing6550School of HumanitiesWeb Page
Daly, Ross6552School of HumanitiesE-mail
Daly, Ross5969School of HumanitiesE-mail
Delgado, Odile6550School of HumanitiesE-mail
Domestico, Anthony6563School of HumanitiesE-mail
Expository and College WritingSchool of HumanitiesWeb Page
Farrell, Frank6566School of HumanitiesE-mail
Ferrell, Monica6564School of HumanitiesE-mail
Field, Geoffrey6574School of HumanitiesE-mail
Fitzpatrick, Tracy6059School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Gay, Christian6560School of HumanitiesE-mail
George, Tara6567School of HumanitiesE-mail
Gondra-Astigarraga, Ager6560School of HumanitiesE-mail
Guffey, Elizabeth6597School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Hallote, Rachel6516School of HumanitiesE-mail
Halperin, Paula6584School of HumanitiesE-mail
Haskins, Casey6588School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
History6550School of HumanitiesWeb Page
History Institute6538School of Humanities
Humanities Theatre7854School of Humanities
Hyacinthe, Genevieve6583School of HumanitiesE-mail
Jewish Studies6550School of HumanitiesWeb Page
Journalism6538School of HumanitiesWeb Page
Kaplan, Morris6578School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Kaplan, Paul6581School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Keller, Lisa6538School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Kromm, Jane6580School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Laguardia, Gari6575School of HumanitiesE-mail
Language and Culture6550School of HumanitiesWeb Page
Lemire, Elise6549School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Lewis, Catherine6576School of HumanitiesE-mail
Literature6550School of HumanitiesWeb Page
Lobel, Michael6577School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Lunstrum, Kirsten5958School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
McCormick, Kathleen7997School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Miller, Marjorie6579School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Narayan, Gaura6592School of HumanitiesE-mail
Philosophy6550School of HumanitiesWeb Page
Reinhard, Diana6573School of HumanitiesE-mail
Reutershan, Rosalie6550School of HumanitiesE-mail
Salomon, Andrew6598School of HumanitiesE-mail
Schlesinger, Lee6569School of HumanitiesE-mail
Stein, Robert6565School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Straus, Nina6594School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Taubenfeld, Aviva6568School of HumanitiesE-mail
Tebrake, Wayne6571School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Uleman, Jennifer6163School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Waller, Gary6553School of HumanitiesE-mailWeb Page
Wang, Kalin6592School of HumanitiesE-mail
Warren, Sarah6586School of HumanitiesE-mail
Williams, Mary Alice6587School of HumanitiesE-mail
Yu, Renqiu6554School of HumanitiesE-mail