Data Infrastructure Policy

TO: The Campus Community
FROM: Bill Junor, Director of Computing and Telecommunications Services
SUBJECT: Information Technology Services and Infrastructure
DATE: December 12, 2002

I am writing to update the campus community regarding important new initiatives concerning information technology services and infrastructure.

The security and integrity of the College’s computer systems and data network is our collective responsibility. As we increasingly rely on electronic forms of communication and electronic access to important information, we must ensure their reliability and protect our network against ever more sophisticated security threats.

As you know, the PCs in offices and computer labs throughout the campus are purchased and owned by the College. The newest and most secure operating systems (Windows 2000, and XP) now being installed on College machines require users to log on and identify themselves before using the PC. They also require secure administrative access, which will be administered by CIS. These machines must be part of the campus network; the software running on these machines must be legally purchased, and approved by CIS before installation. These initiatives will help to ensure the continued security of campus IT services and systems.

I would like to reiterate that CIS is responsible for the management and administration of all data networking components and infrastructure serving the campus. Consequently, no network modifications of any type, including minor renovations, will be permitted without a written request that has been reviewed and approved by CIS. Contractors working on any part of our data infrastructure must have CIS’s prior approval, and their work will be coordinated and monitored by CIS.

Additionally, all NY state agency websites are legally required to be accessible to persons with disabilities. Over the past few years, CIS has worked with individual departments to ensure compliance with these laws, but problems persist. CIS is ultimately responsible for College websites, regardless of where they are hosted. Therefore, all web development must use the current Purchase College web site design and maintenance tools. Consultation with CIS is required prior to hiring a contractor if additional support is needed. Affiliated web sites include: official faculty web sites; course web sites; departmental web sites; or any College site hosted on or off campus.