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Repeating Courses (effective Summer 2014)

The following is an update to an academic policy in the 2013–15 Purchase College Catalog:


Repeating Courses
When a student repeats a Purchase College course, all grades received will remain on the official transcript, but only the highest grade received will be included in the quality and grade point average and the hours toward graduation. Students who have taken coursework before fall 2014 must file a Repeat Course form with the Office of the Registrar to ensure accuracy of their cumulative grade point average and official transcript. This form is available at (under “Forms”). The grade excluded from the cumulative totals will be annotated with an “E” on the transcripts. The grade included in the cumulative totals will be annotated with an “I.” The repeated course, which is defined by the same course prefix and course number, must be repeated at Purchase College under the same grading system in order to be eligible for this policy. Therefore, courses previously taken and earned as transfer credit are not eligible for repeating.

Students receiving financial aid are encouraged to check with the Office of Student Financial Services to avoid losing an award, especially when repeating a previously passed course (grade of D or higher).

Text in the catalog:

R (Repeat)
Matriculated students admitted in Fall 1985 or after and nonmatriculated students registered in Fall 1993 or after may repeat any previously attempted Purchase College course to earn a higher grade at Purchase College. Only the higher grade will be computed in the student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA), except when the previous grade was a permanent failing grade resulting from an academic integrity sanction. Please note that students cannot repeat courses that are no longer offered at Purchase College.

  1. A student who wishes to repeat a course must complete and submit a Repeat Course form to the Office of the Registrar during the add/drop period of the semester in which the course will be repeated. This form is available at (under “Forms”).
  2. A repeated course in which the student receives a grade of P, NC, W, or AU does not warrant an R grade.
  3. Grades of W, AU, P, or NC will not be removed from the transcript, even if the course has been repeated.
  4. If the credit value of the course has changed, the repeated course is worth the new credit value.
  5. A student may not receive a grade of R for a course that is repeated by either an independent study or a tutorial.
  6. The Freshman Seminar may not be repeated.
  7. A course may not be repeated a third time unless special permission is granted by the chair or director of the student’s school or conservatory. Certain approved, repeatable courses in the arts are an exception to this rule.
  8. Once the student has successfully complied with all the repeat course regulations, a notation of “(R)” will be inserted next to the original grade.

Posted Jan. 17, 2014

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