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* star indicates Drama Studies Senior Project

24 Hours of the Bard Poster

24 Hours of the Bard

Friday April 23 @ 8PM until Saturday April 24 @ 8PM
Free Admission

Twenty four straight hours of live Shakespeare and related performances, readings and film. Produced by Peter Sprague and Robin Lynch, in conjunction with Professor Gary Waller’s Intro to Shakespeare class and R.A. Margaret Garofalo. All are welcome.

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A Night with Fibber McGee and Molly*
Thursday April 15 through Saturday April 17 @ 8PM
$3 with More Card, $5 for non-students

Come spend a night with the McGees and their neighbors, a night of laughter, history and shenanigans. A production including and based on the episodic radio comedy Fibber McGee and Molly, and the classic radio style of the era. Come and see what is really in Fibber's Closet. Directed by Hannah Grybowski.

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Friday March 5 @ 8PM
Free Admission

Two brothers who run a family business together deal with a business opponent and the loss of their father. A staged reading of an original play by Daniel Lee.

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For The Birds

For the Birds, a new musical in two acts

Thursday April 29 through Saturday May 1 @ 8PM
$3 with More Card, $5 for non-students

Based on Aristophanes' ancient Greek comedy "The Birds", two traveling philosophy salesmen find themselves exiled from everywhere in ancient Greece--except the mythical kingdom of the birds. With their last chance at success and saddled with a mysterious stranger, they try their luck at building a brand new utopia in the sky. But what happens when their paradise becomes too big to fail?

Written and Directed by Kris Wellman. Music and Lyrics by Andy Roninson. Choreographed by Alana Kyriak and Selena Coburn. Set Design by Sasha Piltser. Costume Design by Beth Scorzato. Stage Managed by Lisa Finger.

Read the article about the show in The Brick

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Midnight Owls*
Thursday March 4 @ 8PM
Free Admission

Times are tough because of the state of the economy. Two stock brokers lose their jobs when their firm goes bankrupt, and they assume their lives are over. In a cry of desperation, they decide to go on a wild night adventure, roaming the city streets in search of some source of hope. A staged reading of an original play by Brian Rossi.

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Much Ado About Nothing
Thursday March 25 through Friday March 26 @ 8PM
$3 with More Card, $5 for non-students

Set Post WWII, this ever popular Shakespearian "comedy" dances through a colorful torrent of deceit, mistaken identities, villains, and in a world where love conquers all maybe... just maybe, we will get a second chance. Directed by Margaret Garofalo.

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Mr. Know Who Knows Who "Made Off"*
Wednesday March 3 @ 8PM
Free Admission

This is a comic take on Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme that affected millions. The main character, Mr. Know, is giving a "lecture" to the audience, raising awareness about Madoff, who he is and what he has done. However, this is anything but easy because of the constant interruptions from his accomplice, Clarence, and his good friend, Hasno. Inspired by Abbot and Costello's "Who's On First", as well as Lucille Ball's humor. A staged reading of an original play by Ryan-Ashleigh Reid.

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One Thing's For Sure*
Thursday April 9 through Saturday April 10 @ 8PM
Free Admission (Space very limited)

A solo performance by Lauren Harris about love, heartbreak and moving on, "One Thing's For Sure" features original writing by Harris, music from contemporary musicals and the infamous "Getting Over Tom" by Purchase’s own Lenora Champagne!

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Peter Pan
Thursday February 4 through Saturday February 6 @ 8PM
Additional matinee Saturday February 6 @ 2PM
$3 with More Card, $5 for children, $7 for adults

For four performances only, come experience a night (or afternoon) of daring pirate battles, the freedom of flight, and the imagination that powers Neverland.

With the help of a wonderfully talented, dedicated cast, along with the help of a few amazingly generous volunteers, Stacey Jeungling proudly presents J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan.

The show is only one hour long, perfect for children (shorter then a Disney movie, longer then a Hannah Montana episode).

So come sit alongside the Lost Boys and hear Wendy’s tales, witness a real fairy in action, hear Peter crow, or just come to see if the Croc will finally finish Hook off. Either way, you may just leave the theater with enough happy thoughts to fly home.

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Red Cross & 4H Poster

Red Cross and 4H Club*

Thursday March 18 through Saturday March 20 @ 8PM
$3 with More Card, $7 for non-students

These are two rarely-produced early Shepard plays that display this important modern American playwright’s serio-comic sensibility. The plays will be performed back to back each night. They are approximately 25 minutes each, with a total running time of about 1 hour. Directed by Matt Stango.

Director’s Note: In the last year I have become more familiar with the work of Sam Shepard and began to understand why he is one of the most respected and influential playwrights of our time. At times his stories seem incomplete; this isn’t because he got too lazy to write an ending, but because if all of our questions were answered when a play was finished, then why would we think about the play when it was over? The same goes for the characters. If we completely understood them, they would hardly be interesting. These plays are a product of that theory, written in the mid sixties at a time when experimental theatre was a topic of great interest in the New York theatre scene. They are complex, yet extraordinarily simple. They are titled with the names of organizations and include characters whose lives are far from organized. In the past two months I have had the pleasure of working on these plays with six individuals who were intent on finding the reasoning behind every action and every word. Now that all of their questions are answered they can just be their characters living on stage, and committing to their words. We’ve done our thinking, now you can do yours. - Matt Stango

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Returning Warhol

Returning Warhol*

Wednesday April 21 & Saturday April 24 @ 8PM
Free Admission

A reading of an original comedy by Devon Armstrong.

Featuring: Matthew Lents, Zoe Kirkpatrick, James Ortiz, Gio Cruz, Matt Stango, Olivia Osol, Micah Stock, Natalie Woolams-Torres, Frank Winters and Aaron McDaniel.

An accidental internet superstar hates the fame-obsessed, internet addled, superficiality of his generation and decides to take revenge on the founding father of the current ideology: Andy Warhol.

Find us on Facebook. Please mark 'attending' if you plan to come.

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Something Like A Trip
Thursday March 11 through Saturday March 13 @ 8:00pm
$3 with More Card, $5 for non-students

"Something Like a Trip" is two new one-acts written and directed by junior TAF Dramatic Writing majors Carly L'Ecuyer and Kate Bosek-Sills.

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The Serenade of Water
Thursday February 26 through Saturday February 28 @ 8:00pm
$3 with More Card, $5 for non-students

Senior Dramatic Writers Brandon Beck (director) and Zach Siechen (writer) produce “The Serenade of Water”. Everything's impossible 'till it ain't.

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WA(i)STED Poster

WA(i)STED: a violent, multi-media solo performance focused on American consumption and self-destruction, with back-up dancers and free drinks*

Thursday February 18 and Friday February 19 @ 8:00pm
$20 (includes drinks)

“WA(i)STED”, created and performed by Constance Tarbox and designed by Jennifer Carroll, combines an eclectic collage of text, movement and images to offer a visceral look at the physical violence pervading the factory farm industry as well as the emotional violence present in self-destructive addictions.

The evening begins as the audience literally crawls through a long, red tunnel to emerge in Constance's "womb," an enclosed textured tent filled with eggs, dumpsters, live music and refreshments. After some pre-show partying to get everyone in the mood, the audience is invited to make themselves comfortable on egg crate cushions to watch the show.

The performance itself is a collection of monologues, video, songs, dance, body/flesh manipulation, chicken suits and HoHo's. Those uncomfortable with nudity or explicit content should probably stay home. Those brave enough to venture into the fray will join Constance as she explores:

What does America WASTE?
Why are we obsessed with our WAISTS?
Why is it so appealing to get WASTED?

We might not find answers, but we'll at least get good and messy. (Please dress appropriately...)

After the show, everyone is invited to dance the night away to the awesome Purchase bands MOKAAD & THE FLEX POINTS (Thursday) and ZADAZA (Friday). Clothing optional.

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Walking Backwards*
Thursday April 22 and Friday April 23 @ 8:00pm
Admission TBA

A screening of an original film by Jared Weil.

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