Online Course authentication policy

Purchase College Authentication Policy

At Purchase College, SUNY, students in online courses must use a secure log-in to the campus learning management system using their Purchase College username and password.  This is required for students to register for courses and to participate in them online. 

Student privacy rights are strictly protected.  Only those enrolled in the course have access to the course.  The outside community does not have access to the coursework, nor do students who are not enrolled in the specific course. 

All students are informed of the academic integrity policy (/Policies/academicintegrity.aspx) in course syllabi and at Upon registering, all students formally agree to the Community Standards of the College (/Departments/StudentAffairs/Policies/communitystandards.aspx) which includes the academic integrity policy.

Campus Technology Services (CTS) also has a Computer Ethics and Usage Policy (/departments/cts/computerethicsandusage.aspx) which outlines clear expectations, including maintaining security of accounts, not sharing account access and the strong password use which is enforced by the campus system.

Faculty are encouraged to use video tools (i.e. Skype, Adobe Connect), in addition to phone conversations with students as needed.  Instructors are encouraged to use activities in the online course for students to once again, actively agree to the College‚Äôs academic integrities and Computer Ethics and Usage policies. 

As additional means of addressing student authentication become available, Purchase College will research possible adoption of such resources.

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