Campus Communication Options

All Purchase College students, faculty, staff and administrators are provided with a College e-mail account.

Communications methods: The College’s E-mail System (Outlook/Exchange) and our Web site provide four distinct electronic communications channels, each of which is suited for different purposes.  You may want your audience to contribute as well, but you may not want them to be able to 'quit' the list, nor others to join it.  There is no single ‘best’ method - you must consider the purpose and your audience and choose the proper method, or methods. Some are public, some conversational, some passive and some active.

Exchange Distribution Lists (DL): for secure and required top-down communication
• Uses exchange addresses only
• Every class has an email DL automatically created for it with the faculty member as the list manager.  Instructors and authorized senders associated with a section's division are allowed to email the lists.
• The new Banner system introduces changes in the term format, the course numbering format, and eliminates section numbers.  The format for summer 2014 classes and beyond is or for example  Faculty do not have to create their own lists. Three semesters worth of lists are available, past, present, and future.

• Provides receipt/read tracking
• Users cannot opt out of list
• Individuals can create their own DLs with fewer than 30 recipients; larger DLs must be created by CTS and populated by the list manager
• Can limit to certain users or moderate contents
• Official business should be limited to DLs so that sensitive data and communications are secure from viruses and do not get sent outside of the campus to a commercial providers with spotty security.  DO NOT E-MAIL SSNs OR OTHER SENSITIVE INFORMATION - it could easily fall into the wrong hands.
• DLs are an ‘active’ method of communication since materials are received via e-mail. 

Portal: for optional communication.
• Messages/banners/pictures can be posted.  Please contact CTS at 914-251-6465 or through the CTS Work Order System for more information.

• The CTS Knowledge Base Wiki.  This includes helpful documentation on things like how to apply for Home Directory/Web Space and how to setup a mobile device to receive Purchase email.    

DLs are automatically set up for:
All students in each class  
All students in a major
All students in each academic division
All faculty in a Board of Study

To set up a DL:
• Call the Helpdesk x6465 or log into the CTS Work Order System to request a DL.
• Please see the Information Required for Creating an Email Distribution List  document in the Knowledge Base so you know what information to include in the request. 

To use a DL from off campus or via OWA:
Send to - no special characters

To use Real Outlook at Home:
• Microsoft Campus License provides work at home rights - See the CTS Downloads  page for instructions on getting your copy for your home computer.
• Choose “Exchange Server Support” when Installing Office
• If you have Office 2007/2010 at home, you can use full Outlook via RPC over HTTP (see CTS Knowledge Base)

OWA Issues:
Outlook Web Access (OWA) provides full access to your e-mail, calendar, and public folders from any computer with an Internet connection anywhere in the world.  Just go to

AOL Issues:
• OWA is just a Web site, AOL’s browser has problems rendering it. Try Firefox or Internet Explorer
• If you must, connect to AOL, then minimize their browser window and start up Internet Explorer and go to 

Moodle Course Management System is available for your use:
• Post Syllabus, assignments, readings, links, quizzes, bulletin board discussion group, etc
• Students access Moodle as a website using their browser
• Moodle uses the same UserID-password as your campus account
• Post  required readings, links, quizzes, etc
• Moodle uses the same UserID-password as your campus account
• Contact TLTC at x6440 for more information or to set up a Moodle site for your course.