College Telephone Policy

College Telephone Policy

The Telecommunications Office maintains the telephone services for the campus community, including desktop and residential telephones. There are no charges for on-campus telephone calls. For faculty and staff, the College funds telephone services centrally and there are no chargebacks to individuals or departments for work related telephone calls.

Faculty and staff who make off-campus calls from their desktop telephones must read and acknowledge the College Telephone Policy. All College employees must sign and return the “Acknowledgement of College Telephone Policy” form that is available below under "Forms".

Purchase College provides employees with the use of desk telephones for official College related business. Access to telephone services – and the type of service to be provided (Local, Tri-State, Regional) - is provided at the discretion of their unit supervisor. Outbound calls for desk telephones can be limited to on-campus calling only, local (NYC Metro area) calling only, and in appropriate cases, nationwide and international calling.

Business / Personal Calls Defined
Business calls are telephone calls that are necessary to accomplish your job or professional activities. A call home to communicate a change in the status of your State work schedule (e.g. that you must work late because of unscheduled overtime or offices are closing due to a blizzard) is also considered a business call. Any other call that is not related to your professional activities on behalf of Purchase College, local or long distance is considered to be a personal call.

New York State Executive Order #1, issued January 18th 2007: State telephones may not be used for non-governmental long-distance calls, other than toll-free calls, collect calls and calls billed to a personal account. State telephones may be used for incidental and necessary personal calls, limited in number and duration, which do not interfere with an employee’s public duties.

Policy: Purchase-College-Telephone-Policy-April 2008 (PDF)

Forms and Policies:

  1. Acknowledgement-of-College-Telephone-Policy
  2. Telephone Usage Refund Policy
  3. Quarterly-Desktop-Telephone-Usage-Statement
  4. College-Owned-Cell-Authorization-Form
  5. Personal-Cell-Reimbursement-Allowance-Form
  6. Monthly-College-Owned-Cell-Usage-Form
  7. Quarterly-Cell-Reimbursement-Request

If you have any questions about our services, please contact our office at (914) 251-6005 or 914-251-6465.