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Continuing Education - Undergraduate Credit

Syllabus Bank

This page contains the most recent syllabi for courses offered by the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education. Note that syllabi are subject to change at any time and are not necessarily applicable to the current or upcoming semester. Also note that not all syllabi are currently available; please check back for updates or call the office at (914) 251-6500.

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Students should verify the textbook requirements with the Purchase College Bookstore, online or by phone at (914) 251-6970.

Course Title Course Number Gen Ed* Delivery Format Weeks
*Refer to the key of general education categories below.
20th-Century Photography AAR3193 - on campus 7
Abnormal Psychology PSY3100 - on campus 7
Adolescent Psychology PSY2500 S on campus 7
Advanced Creative Writing Workshop WRI3120 - online 3
African American Cinema CMS3140 - on campus 15
African History HIS3615 O online 3
America at the Movies CMS3010 H on campus 4
America in Recent Times HIS3670 H on campus 7
American Art ARH3180 T on campus 7
American Film: Reflections of a Century II: 1950-1999 CMS3170 T on campus 4
American Film: Reflections of a Century III: 21st Century CMS3200 T on campus 4
American History & Society through Music HIS3130 A online 3
American Sign Language I ASL1000 - on campus 4
Art of 80s, 90s and the 21st Century ARH3520 T on campus 7
Arts and Entertainment Law AMG3170 - on campus 7
Beginning Spanish I SPA1010 L online 3
Beginning Spanish II SPA1020 L online 3
Behavioral Statistics PSY2320 M online 3
Calculus I MAT1500 M on campus 7
Calculus II MAT1510 M on campus 7
Can Cancer Be Prevented? BIO1750 N online 7
College Writing WRI1100 B online 7
Computer Science I MAT1520 M on campus 4
Conflict Resolution SOC3490 on campus 7
Contemporary Art ARH3121 T online 3
Contemporary European Cinema draft ACI3420 - on campus 7
Contemporary Popular Culture SOC3315 - online 3
Craft of the Memoir WRI3250 - on campus 7
Creating Web Documents NME2730 - online 7
Creative Nonfiction AWR3260 - on campus 15
Creative Writing Workshop WRI2120 - online 3
Crime and Delinquency CSO3550 S online 3
Current Social Issues and the Law LEG3300 S online 7
Dark Fairy Tales LIT3295 - online 3
Developmental Psychology BPS3350 S online 3
Drawing From Nature PAD2045 T on campus 7
Educational Psychology PSY3150 S on campus 7
The Emergence of Modern America HIS3465 A on campus 7
Empire City AHI3265 - on campus 15
Experimental Psychology (including lab) BPS3551 - on campus 4
Frank Lloyd Wright: Architecture for America ARH3435 - on campus 15
Fundamentals of Arts Management AMG1100 - online 3
Fundraising and Development in the Arts AMG3100 - online 15
General Biology I (lecture) BIO1550 N on campus 4
General Biology I Lab BIO1551 N on campus 4
General Biology II (lecture) BIO1560 N on campus 4
General Biology II Lab BIO1561 N on campus 4
General Chemistry I (lecture) CHE1550 N on campus 4
General Chemistry I Lab CHE1551 N on campus 4
General Chemistry II (lecture) CHE1560 N on campus 4
General Chemistry II Lab CHE1561 N on campus 4
Genetics (lecture) BIO3160 N on campus 7
Global Media, Local Cultures ANT3185 O online 3
Gothic Literature ALI3497 - on campus 7
Health Psychology PSY3301 - online 3
History of the Hudson River Region HIS1450 A online 3
Holocaust: Memoir and Diary LIT3570 - on campus 15
Human Anatomy and Physiology I BIO1510 N on campus 4
Human Anatomy and Physiology II BIO1520 N on campus 4
Impressionism ARH3455 T online 7
Introductory Statistics MAT1600 M online 3
Intro. to Art History ARH1500 W on campus 7
Intro. to Brain and Behavior PSY1700 N online 3
Intro. to Classical Music draft MUS2040 T on campus 3
Intro. to Digital Photography PHO1101 T on campus 7
Intro. to Environmental Science BEN1500 N on campus 3
Intro. to Gender and Sexuality CGN1200 R on campus 7
Intro. to Media Studies CMA1050 - online 3
Intro. to Modern Art AAR2050 H on campus 7
Intro. to Psychology PSY1530 S online 3
Journalism I AJO2515 - online 3
Law, Order, and Disobedience LEG3420 - on campus 7
Lights, Camera, God: Religion in the Movies  AHU3340 or FTF3340 H online 3
Macroeconomic Theory I ECO1500 S online 3
Management and Communication CSS3335 - on campus 7
Marketing the Arts AMG3520 - online 15
Mathematics for Contemporary Life MAT1060 M online 7
Mediterranean Origins of Western Civilization HIS3150 W on campus 7
Methods of Reasoning PHI2120 M on campus 7
Microeconomics I ECO1510 M online 7
Middle Eastern Cultures ANT3330 O on campus 7
Modern American Short Stories LIT3677 H online 3
Organizational Leadership (draft) BUS3000 - on campus 15
Nature and Function of Law LEG3185 - on campus 15
Personality Assessment PSY3690 S online 3
Pop Art ARH3445 T online 3
Precalculus MAT1150 M on campus 4
Psychological Perspectives on the Self BPS3120 - on campus 3
Psychology and the Media PSY3245 - on campus 3
Psychology of Aging PSY3315 - on campus 3
Psychology of Personality PSY3760 S on campus 4
Racial Inequalities SOC3415 S online 7
Religious Fundamentalism REL3500 on campus 7
Research Methods SOC3405 - online 7
Screenwriting I PSW1010 T on campus 4
Sensation & Perception PSY2250 N online 3
Shamanism and Native Culture REL3300 on campus 7
Short Fiction LIT3400 H online 3
Social Psychological Theory Applied Through Film CMS3090 on campus 7
Social Psychology PSY3860 S on campus 4
Sociology of the 5 Senses SOC3355 - online 3
Sports Films CMS3290 - online 3
Survey of US Literature I LIT2560 - on campus 4
The Family on Film CMS3190 - online 7
The Horror Film CSS-FTF3260 - on campus 15
The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany AHI3435 - online 3
The Science of Food Safety CHE1650 N online 3
The Search for Life in the Universe BNS1120 N online 7
Understanding America AHI1500 A on campus 3
Understanding Moral Problems PHI3560 W online 3
Vietnam and Modern America HIS3269 - on campus 15
Western Civilization II AHI1020 H or W online 3
White-Collar Crime LEG3060 - online 3
World Religions REL3250 O online 3

SUNY General Education Course Options

Courses marked accordingly in the table above satisfy Purchase College core curriculum and SUNY general education requirements for matriculated students.

Key: General Education
A American History
H Humanities
L Foreign Language
M Mathematics
N Natural Science
O Other World Civilizations
R Race and Gender
S Social Science
T The Arts
W Western Civilization

Updated June 1, 2016

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