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Degree Progress Report (DPR) and Transfer Credits 
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Degree Progress report (DPR) and Transfer Credits:
Students accepted prior to Fall 2009: any transfer work that fulfills a General Education requirement will be reported in the DPR, shown as a TRS prefixed course number.  Transfer work that doesn't fulfill a General Education requirement will count towards your completed credits, but will not be reflected in the major or minor requirements section of the DPR.

Complete the Pre-Approval to Transfer Credits to ensure that additional credits taken at another college will be accepted as transfer credits at Purchase.

Students accepted Fall 2009 or later: transfer work will be transferred as specific Purchase College courses on the DPR, if eligible.  They will fulfill requirements in the General Education, major, and minor sections as if they were Purchase College courses.

What If Some Transfer Courses Do Not Show On My DPR?
If some of the transfer credit is not listed on the DPR, it may mean that the Registrar’s Office has not yet received a final, official transcript from the transfer school and the transfer credit has not yet been evaluated and finalized.  Check with the Registrar’s Office at your previous college to see if the final transcript has been sent.  If so, contact the, or call (914) 251-6311 for further information on missing transfer credit.  Please indicate your CID in any correspondence.
What If Transfer Courses Have Not Been Specifically Equated To Purchase Requirements?
This is usually because the transfer equivalencies aren’t specific enough to be applied and equated to Purchase requirements.  If a student thinks that some of their transfer credit could be applied to a specific Purchase major (or minor) course requirement, their advisor needs to review the credit and if applicable, complete a Notice of Award of Transfer Credit form to specifically equate the transfer course to the Purchase requirement.  The form should then be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office to update the DPR.  This should be done as soon as the decision has been made to apply the course.  These forms are also available at the Registrar’s Office.

Inquiries regarding transfer courses that might apply to Purchase General Education requirements should be directed to, or call (914) 251-6311.  Please indicate your CID in any correspondence.

New Transfers:
New transfer students to Purchase College will receive notification that their Degree Progress Report is available online, normally within 2 weeks of acceptance.  Once the student reviews the Degree Progress Report, if they have questions they should contact Noreen Mante, Senior Transfer Credit and Degree Audit Advisor, either by telephone at 914.251.6311 or e-mail  If a student feels that their credit evaluation contains an error then, after speaking with Ms. Mante, they may appeal  by submitting a Transfer Credit Appeal form.

Students transferring from a SUNY associate degree program who do not agree with the decision of the transfer credit advisor’s decision may appeal the decision by submitting a Transfer Credit Appeal  form.

More information on the College’s transfer credit policy is available on the web at:
Transfer Credit Policy: B.A. and B.S. Degree Programs
Transfer Credit Policy: B.F.A. and Mus.B. Degree Programs
Transfer Credit Policy: M.A., M.F.A., and M.M. Degree Programs

Current Students:
Current, matriculated (degree-seeking) students at Purchase College who want to take coursework at another college must complete a Pre-Approval to Transfer Credits form prior to registering for the classes.  Completion of the Pre-Approval form will ensure that credits taken at another college will be accepted as transfer credits at Purchase.  Failure to complete this form may result in loss of transfer credit.