Below are links to the 8-semester graduation plans for each major at Purchase College. These 8-semester plans, in conjunction with your faculty advisor, will assist you with academic planning and progress leading to your graduation from Purchase College within four years.

These plans will also help you answer many major-specific questions, such as:

  • When is the best time in my four years to study abroad?
  • Is an internship possible during the regular academic year (Fall and Spring semesters)?Or will I have to wait until summer break to complete one?
  • What will my senior year look like? How will I balance my coursework with my Senior Project?
  • Will I have time and room during my 8-semesters to have a minor?

Please keep in mind that the plans provided are general guidelines. Students should work to make their own individual 8-semester roadmap to graduation with their faculty advisors. If you have any questions about a specific 8-semester graduation plan or concerns about your own academic progress, please contact your faculty advisor, the Registrar’s Office at, or the Advising Center at

Specific academic requirements can also be found on each program site; go to Major and Minors at a Glance for links to each site.

Art History
Arts Management
Cinema Studies
Creative Writing
Dance - Men
Dance - Women
Design/Technology: Costume Design  
Design/Technology: Costume Technology
Design/Technology: Lighting Design
Design/Technology: Scenic Design
Design/Technology: Stage Management
Design/Technology: Technical Direction/Production Management 
Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies: Ecology Concentration
Environmental Studies: Policy Concentration
Gender Studies
Language and Culture
Latin American Studies
Mathematics/Computer Science
Media, Society, and Arts
Music: Composition
Music: Studio Composition
Music: Studio Production
Music: Jazz Studies
Music Performance: Voice
Music Performance: Brass
Music Instrumental Performance: Guitar
Music Instrumental Performance: Harp 
Music Instrumental Performance: Percussion
Music Instrumental Performance: Piano
Music Instrumental Performance: Strings 
Music Instrumental Performance: Woodwinds   
New Media
Political Science
Theatre and Performance
Visual Arts: Interdisciplinary:
     Started major prior to 2011  or  Started major 2011 or after
Visual Arts: Printmaking:
     Started major prior to 2011  or  Started major 2011 or after
Visual Arts: Sculpture:
     Started major prior to 2011  or  Started major 2011 or after
Visual Arts:  Graphic Design:
     Started major prior to 2011  or  Started major 2011 or after
Visual Arts: Painting and Drawing:
     Started major prior to 2011  or  Started major 2011 or after
Visual Arts:  Photography:
     Started major prior to 2011  or  Started major 2011 or after
Visual Arts: BS