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Meet Our Ambassadors

Our ambassador program is a leadership opportunity designed to promote public speaking skills and provide students with an opportunity for professional growth. The ambassadors give campus tours during the week and assist in all large campus functions.
Ahtiya Liles

Ahtiya Liles, ‘18
Theatre & Performance Major with Literature and Arts Management Double Minors from Yonkers, NY

What do you like about your role as an Ambassador?
The chance to interact with potential Panthers and encourage them to join us at SUNY Purchase.

Austin Isola

Austin Isola, ‘17
Studio Composition Major from Newtown, CT

Why did you choose Purchase?
I chose Purchase because of the amazing music opportunities and incredible student body.

Christy Marfia

Christie Marfia, ‘17
Anthropology Major from Ossining, NY

Advice for applying to Purchase College?
Enjoy the process.

Demetrius McCray

Demetrius McCray, ‘18
Philosophy Major and Psychology and Theatre & Performance Double Minors from Yonkers, NY

Why I chose Purchase:
I chose Purchase because I felt a really welcoming and strong vibe when I first went to the campus and I just knew that I had to be here. So far my intuition has been right!

Emma Corcoran

Emma Corcoran, ‘18
Psychology Major from Brooklyn, NY

What I want prospective students to know about Purchase:
It's a great place to begin to explore who you are as a person, find your niche, and meet some diverse people. The wide variety of clubs allows you to indulge your hobbies and find new ones, and the ongoing student performances always give you something interesting to do!

Jordan Ford Giancarlo Montes, ‘18
Photography Major from Bethesda, MD

Future plans after Purchase?
Become a National Geographic photographer.

Hailey Marino

Hailey Marino, ‘17
Sociology & Gender Studies Major from Massapequa, NY

The reason I wanted to become an Ambassador:
I feel very passionately about this school and all that it has to offer students and I'm looking forward to being able to translate that excitement and confidence to my interactions with people who can benefit from it.


Jordan Ford, ‘18
Graphic Design Major from Baltimore, MD

Why did you choose Purchase?
The diversity, the close proximity to New York City, and the professors.

Jack Tomascak

Jack Tomascak, ‘16
Arts Management and Media, Society & The Arts Double Major from Kensington, CT

Best thing(s) about Purchase?
The proximity to the city, the every-changing arts scene, and the super engaging classes!

Jon Richardson

Jon Richardson, ‘17
Playwriting & Screenwriting Major from Smyrna, DE

Best thing(s) about Purchase?
The unbelievable amount of creativity and inspiration to be found in every single person.

Leanna Ginsburg

Leanna Ginsburg, ‘16
Flute Performance Major from Richmondville, NY

Advice for applying to college?
Apply to schools that you believe will be safe, attainable, and a "reach" for you. You never know where you will be accepted, so apply to schools on all levels!

Leyla Gentil

Leyla Gentil, ‘16
Theatre & Performance Major from Lafayette, LA

Advice for applying to college?
Make sure that you have filled out all the forms and always have a photocopy of the forms, both in paper and on your computer.

Liam Connors

Liam Connors, ‘18
Theatre & Performance Major from Cobleskill, NY

My hobbies and interests include:

Acting, writing and recording music, hanging out with friends, eating, and exercising.

Melina Finck

Melina Finck, ‘18
Theatre & Performance and Arts Management Double Major from Brooklyn, NY

The reason I wanted to become an Ambassador:
Because I want every student applying to colleges to know how incredible this school is! I want to have the opportunity to share my stories and I would love my stories and experiences to be at least a small percentage of the reason why a student wants to come to Purchase.

Nick Viagas

Nick Viagas, ‘17
Psychology and Media, Society & The Arts Double Major from Mamaroneck, NY

My hobbies and interests include:
I love to watch movies, listen to podcasts, play music, read, and I've recently gotten into photography.

Rachel Dasaro

Rachel Dasaro, ‘16
Literature Major from Middle Village, NY

Why Purchase?
When I first came to the campus on my first tour, it felt like a place I could easily call home. The more I looked at other schools, the more I compared it to Purchase, until I realized that I already considered it home.

Robert Scott

Robert Scott, ‘16
History Major from Bronx, NY

Hobbies and involvement on campus?
I'm an RA, on the Board of Standards, a member of the R.P.G.A. Gamer's United, and the Nerf Guild.

Sequoia Sellinger Sequoia Sellinger, ‘17
Music Composition Major from Woodstock, NY

Future plans after Purchase?
I would like to be a composer on Broadway and have my own contemporary ensemble (and tour the world)!

  Steven Smith, ‘16
Literature Major

Advice for those applying to college:
Look for a place that you can see yourself living, shining, and being completely comfortable with yourself.

Tyrone Hodges

Tyrone Hodges, ‘18
Arts Management Major from Brooklyn, NY

I hope to meet plenty of amazing people all while continuing to dance, enjoying my classes, and creating the best memories of my life.

Zach Jackson Zach Jackson, ‘16
Studio Composition Major from Cortlandt Manor, NY

Best thing(s) about Purchase:
The Stood and all of its events such as Fall Fest and Culture Shock. It is also a very accessible campus.

Zuri Jordan Zuri Jordan, ‘18
Photography Major from Washington D.C.

Why I chose Purchase:
I chose Purchase because I am extremely passionate about photography. At Purchase, I am surrounded by a variety of forms of art. I love it.

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