Areas of Study

Nearly 4 in 10 Purchase College’s students are enrolled in our School of the Arts—our highly selective programs in the Conservatories of Dance, Music, and Theatre Arts, and our School of Art+Design—while the majority of our students are enrolled in liberal arts and sciences programs in the Schools of Film and Media Studies, Humanities, and Natural and Social Sciences, and in our interdisciplinary BA programs.

There is a strong cultural crossover between our programs in the School of the Arts and the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

However, it should be understood that the BFA and MusB degree programs are quite distinct from our BA and BS degree programs, with separate application processes, different program requirements, and limited options for crossover academic experiences.

School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education:
    - Liberal Studies Adult B.A. Degree Program

No matter what academic or professional path you pursue, being part of an extraordinarily creative community is an education in and of itself.