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Minor in Arts Management

The minor in arts management is designed for students in all disciplines who are interested in exploring the field of arts management and gaining the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to promote and support the arts. Students interested in pursuing this minor must submit a completed Application for a Program of Minor Study to the coordinator of the arts management program. Upon admission to the minor, the student will be assigned a minor advisor from the arts management faculty.

Academic Requirements for the Minor in Arts Management
Five courses, as follows:

  1. AMG 1100/Fundamentals of Arts Management*
  2. AMG 3100/Funding the Arts*
  3. AMG 3170/Arts and Entertainment Law
  4. AMG 3520/Marketing the Arts
  5. An elective course in arts management

*Students who do not meet the prerequisites for AMG 1100 and 3100 must obtain permission of instructor before registering for these courses.


  1. Students must earn a grade of C or higher in all courses required for the minor. Students who do not meet these standards must repeat the course(s) or complete acceptable substitutes, chosen in consultation with the program faculty.
  2. AMG 1100 is a prerequisite for required upper-level arts management courses.

Updated April 1, 2016

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