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Durst Family Humanities Building: Office Relocations

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Renovation of the Durst Family Humanities Building:

Renovation of the Durst Family Humanities Building:
Office Relocations

Due to renovations and upgrades, the Durst Family Humanities Building will be closed through June 2015. Faculty and staff have been temporarily relocated to various locations around campus. Please refer to the list below for the office relocations.

Capital Facilities Planning: Information on This Renovation

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Durst Family Humanities Building: Office Relocations
Name Program Former Location Relocated To
Benmergui, Leandro History   CCS 2008c
Breen, Virginia Journalism H1009 Library 0009
Brudzinski, Marc Language & Culture H2013 SS 2018
Champagne, Lenora Theatre & Performance H1003 The Mod - private 2
Chmielewski, Laura History H1001 CCS 2008c
Cornachio, Donna Journalism   Library 0009
Daly, Ross Journalism H2035 Library 0009
Dickstein, Rachel Theatre & Performance H1050 The Mod - private 3
Farrell, Frank Philosophy H2001 NS 0035
Ferrell, Monica Creative Writing H2049 CCS 2007a
Field, Geoffrey History H2009 CCS 2009
Fitzpatrick, Tracy Art History H2043 Museum 2002
Graduate students Art History   FA 133
Guffey, Elizabeth Art History H2042 FA 131
Hallote, Rachel History H2052 CCS 2007b
Halperin, Paula History H2054 SS 1013
Haskins, Casey Philosophy H2029 NS 0041
School of Humanities Office   H2020 CCS 2008e
Hyacinthe, Genevieve Art History H2047 CCS 2008a
Institutional Advancement Offices   H various SSB Third Floor
Kaplan, Morris Philosophy H2014 NS 3009
Kaplan, Paul Art History H2051 CCS 2008a
Keller, Lisa History H1023 CCS 2008d
Kern, Anne Cinema Studies H1011 Music 0063
Kromm, Jane Art History H2050 FA 134
LaGuardia, Gari Language & Culture H1004 SS 1018
Lemire, Elise Literature H1057 The Mod - private 6
Lewis, Catherine Creative Writing H2011 CCS 2007a
Lobel, Michael Art History H2046 FA 132
McCormick, Kathleen Literature H2022 CCS 3003
Narayan, Gaura Literature H0019 CCS 3004a
Reinhard, Diana History H2002 Library: Writers Center
Salomon, Andrew Journalism H1012 Library 0009
Schildcrout, Jordan Theatre & Performance H1054 The Mod - private 4
Schlesinger, Lee Literature H2004 NS 3007
Sprague, Peter Staff H1022 The Mod - private 5
Symons, Deb Language & Culture   CCS Basement
Taubenfeld, Aviva Literature H2003 CCS 3004a
Te Brake, Wayne History H2006 CCS 2009
Uleman, Jennifer Philosophy H1002 NS 3006
Waller, Gary Literature H2055 CCS 3003
Warren, Sarah Art History H1005 FA 131
Williams, Mary Alice Journalism H2031 Library 0009
Yelin, Louise Literature H2010 CCS 2003
Yu, Renqiu History H2012 CCS 2008b
Zarzosa, Agustin Cinema Studies H1059 Music 0053

ABOUT THE BUILDING RENOVATION: The Durst Family Humanities Building, located on the south side of the central plaza on the Purchase College campus, is a 92,530 GSF structure constructed in 1973. It houses all programs associated with the School of Humanities. The building, which predates changes in environmental health and safety regulations, energy conservation, and ADA requirements, has not had a significant renovation since it was built. Its spaces also have not been adapted to pedagogical developments that have taken place since 1973. The project will address renovation of building interiors and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. It also includes replacement of the existing windows. The renovation will include hazardous materials abatement and bring it into compliance with construction and accessibility codes. The building will also meet the requirements to achieve a LEED Silver rating. The program study for the Durst Family Humanities Building renovation at Purchase College was commissioned by the State University Construction Fund and Purchase College. The purpose of the program study is to verify findings in the July 2008 Space Utilization Study conducted by Perkins Eastman and collect additional information to develop a final program for the renovated Durst Family Humanities Building.

Updated Oct. 2, 2014

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