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Youth Programs in the Arts

Spring 2016

Costs / Early Registration Discount
In addition to the tuition, there is a $25 nonrefundable registration fee paid once per semester. The early registration discount applies to registrations received (paid in full) by January 8.

small star iconNEW! Digital Arts and Creative Science Workshop (for Grades 4–6)
Build, design, create, explore, and experiment in this exciting workshop! Choose from eight unique sessions that emphasize self-empowerment, cognitive reasoning, and divergent thinking through hands-on learning. Ignite, unleash, and enhance your talents in this special one-day program—created to introduce you to many of the offerings in the Summer Youth and Precollege Programs in the Arts (SYPPA). Students work in pairs and/or teams for most of the program. Please bring a bag lunch.
YTH9270 / noncredit / $165
Discount: $140 (children of Purchase College matriculated students, employees, and alumni; and early registration discount)
Instructor: Black Rocket
Sat., 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Feb. 27 (1 session)
April 23 (1 session)
Room: TBA

Workshop Choices
Select (a) one course for the morning session and (b) one course for the afternoon session from the following choices. As a backup, please also select a second and third course for both the morning and afternoon sessions, in case your first choices are fully enrolled (classroom sizes are limited). Instructions are on the registration form.

  1. Droids and Bots
    The world of the future belongs to … robots! In this three-hour workshop, you will work with a series of hands-on activities to build a variety of different task-oriented robots.
  2. Code Creators
    Calling all future coders and programmers! Learn the basics of coding and logic statements in an interactive and fun workshop.
  3. Video Game Design
    If you love playing video games, you will love this workshop! Learn the basics of what makes a great video game and the crucial elements to game design. Explore the concepts of sprites and level creation.
  4. Digital Animation
    Learn the basics of 2-D animation and game design by creating and animating your own characters and backgrounds in this one-of-a-kind workshop.
  5. FX: Special Effects
    In FX, everything is not what it seems! Become a master of illusion by experimenting with visual effects and green screens.
  6. Lego Films and Stop Animation
    Make your Legos come to life! Create a storyboard and learn the basics of stop-motion animation by creating your first digital film, using your own Legos.
  7. Minecraft Designs
    If you love the game Minecraft, and you always wanted to design your own characters or buildings for your own game, this workshop is for you! To access your project at home, you must have a PC or Mac version of Minecraft. Tablet, phone, and game console version of Minecraft are not compatible. A parent’s email address is required to use 3-D modeling software.
  8. 3-D Game Design
    In this workshop, you will learn the physics behind 3-D games and create a simple level with beginning, middle, and end. Your modified game will be available on a password-protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family.

Updated Sept. 17, 2015

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